A downloadable game for Windows

A game made for wizardjam 5.

Your task is to deliver mail to a neighbourhood, while avoiding dogs and doing side-quests.

As a was finishing my master's degree the same week as the game, there is no real end-game, no music or sound effects. But if you manages to get all five coupons you might get a dishonored-easter egg!


Unsubscribe.7z 33 MB


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Enjoyable little game, art style reminded me of old style atari games which was quirky, shame there's no music or sound effects, but it a very nice little adventure game, especially considering your circumstances!

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This was pretty neat. Impressive that you made this while finishing your Master's degree as well! I like the art style and the gameplay was a nice mix of arcade avoidance and light adventure game mechanics. Sound effects would be nice and some of the "enemy" hit boxes seemed a bit large, but that's OK. Nice work!